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Martin Roberts

Hi everyone. My name is Martin Roberts, and I am a geek. I spend my days and nights doing math, computing and data analysis. I learn about funky machine learning algorithms that will soon revolutionize the world. I make educational apps for kids. I teach math. And I am a very proud husband and Dad.

Having completed my PhD in nuclear physics, I spent some time doing computational physics in medical research, and then worked for a web startup company at the height of the web 2.0 craze. Combining these interests with my professional training as a high school math teacher, I later joined the millions of others and developed some educational and math apps for the iPhone and iPad.

I spend my days as an Assistant Director at Australia's National Statistical Agency managing the dissimenination of their statistical collections, and in true ninja style, by night I hack away as an covert Data Scientist attempting to devise new and improved statistical machine learning algorithms for snazzy stuff applications like Automated Essay Scoring.

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